Graphic design

should act as one

of the solutions to

social problems

Graphic design is a good way to be act as one of the solutions to social problems, Because graphic design is in every where of your life such as when you watching T.V., walk on the street and also on the computer. I agree if "Graphic design should act as one of the solutions to social problems". the hot hit problem now is the global warming. Global warming is a bigest problem now and its will worst if you not try to save the world. Every company and every where attend to this problem and if they do something that attack to the earth such as release carbon in to the asmosphere, cut the tree, explode the mountain and etc. The good graphic design on advertisement or media can be change  your heart, it will attack your heart and you will feelings involved with it. in my opinion I think the graphic design that should act as one of the solutions to social problems is POSTER. Poster can put in every where more than on media such as street's monitor or road's monitor (some driver can't see or read it), computer (some people not use it) but the poster can post in on street wall, light pole (for the small poster) and poster also can see in the computer, its more ways to use the poster as  one of the solutions to social problems. One day the poster campaign about global warming that post on the wall street. I see it and feel like the end of the world is more closer to me. I can't remember what company make it, but I like that poster. That poster its was record in to my heart already. I like to see poster more than ever.
This is the global warming poster and this poster is also attacked to my heart. This poster is created by French illustrator (Frédéric Tacer) for the 14th student competition of the International Poster and Graphic Arts Festival of Chaumont 2007 in association with the weekly newspaper Courrier International dealing with the social issue of global warming. this poster won on 3rd prize of  the International Poster and Graphic Arts Festival of Chaumont 2007. This poster i found in google (i search it on google search by type "global warming poster" ), its noted to me so I press to see it. i don't know the true meaning (what the creator think) but i think that he try to say that
" You release the bane in to the earth and that bane return back to you "
Global warming can stop by you, start act and don't think too much if you think too much you will did not do anything. Global warming is not just a dream, and all social problems is  not just a dream too


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